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SpaceWalkerVR V2.0

Product price for EXW Istanbul/Turkey

Product Description

Perfect experience for walk simulation…

* Head Mounted Display support ( Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard etc)
* Gyroskope controlled turn table, that’s turn to direction of your body automatically with his 2x electro motors.
* Joystick control for turn, fire, enter, left-right arrow, up-down arrow…
* Pressure sensors for your foot steps detection.
* Walk speed control button
* Turn speed control button
* Gyro precision control button
* Emergency magnetic button
* With real treadmill, real walking or running experience with electro motors.
* Its can be used as safe threadmill for walking and running.
* Very safe with 4x12v for rotation and 2x24v for walking motors
* 3 point seat belt * 5 v electronic equipments.
* Sheet metal and aluminium very powerfull body.
* Special design Option over 100 piecess order
* Very low price for a real simulator.
* Saftey circle
* safety belt
* Iron body
* and many moore..

Shipping in 30 days after order and payment…
Product price for EXW (Istanbul / Turkey )

Additional Information

Weight 100 kg kg
Dimensions 120 cm x 120 cm x 160 cm cm


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